Top Hat and Twin Top Roof Penetration Kits

The traditional method of installing a roof penetration is to drill a hole in the roofing iron, push the pair coil, flexible conduit or solar hot water piping through the hole, throw on a rubber boot flashing, gunk it up with heaps of sealant and smear the whole thing with grease impregnated tape.

This method is does not comply with roofing manufacturer codes of practice, invalidates the warranty on a brand new roof, and with changes in regulations individual installation contractors are liable for any damage or subsequent damage caused by roof penetration leaks. .

The Top Hat Roof Kit range of products create a roof penetration system that gives the best insurance against water leaks. It is one of the only products of its type on the market that directly caters for penetrations of HVAC and plumbing pipe work, electrical conduits and cables.

Building Code of Australia The Building Code of Australia is available for purchase from the On-Line Shop of the Australian Building Codes Board.

Standards Australia
HB 39-1997 Metal Roofing Installation