Seismic, Structural Hangin, Fixing, Anchoring Parts
Suit most strut channel systems and standard threaded rod

s916 l
s916 r
10mm, 12mm dia PRODUCT RANGE, APRIL 2012

Channel Fit 4-Way Bracing Point Octagon Bracing Point
 channelfit4-waybracingpoint Code CHL-FX-10-4
Code CHL-FX-12-4
 octagonbracingpoint Code OCT-FX-10-2
Code OCT-FX-12-2
Channel Fit 2-Way Bracing Point Octagon Joiner
 channelfit2-waybracingpoint Code CHL-FX-10-2
Code OCT-JN-10-2
 octagonjoiner Code OCT-JN-10-2
Code CHL-FX-10-2
Beam Mount Hanger
With 4-Way Bracing Point
Beam Mount Fixing
With 4-Way Bracing Point
 beammounthangerwith4-waybracingpoint Code BEM-FX-10-4
Code BEM-FX-12-4
 basemountfixingwith4-waybracingpoint Code BAS-PT-10-4
Code BAS-PT-12-4
Base Mount Fixing
With 2-Way Bracing Point
 basemountfixingwith2-waybracingpoint Code BAS-Pt-10-2
Code BAS-Pt-12-2
Bracepoint Pipe Bracketing System. All products are manufactured from zinc plated carbon steel.
All products are protected by patent application no.599796