The BigTop RoofKit is the 110mm dia version of the TopHat RoofKit. Having a bigger diameter means that this roof kit is a multi-purpose roof penetration system that can be used by commercial refrigeration engineers as well as commercial HVAC engineers.

The larger diameter allows either a bigger size of inter-connecting piping and wiring services to be installed or multiple smaller services. This means that in certain instances only one penetration need be installed through the roof.

Building code compliance normally stipulates any roof penetration over 65mm dia that utilises a standard rubber boot seal must be either a flashed to the ridge line or be flashed using a soaker type flashing.

The BigTop RoofKit can be flashed using a TopHat RoofKits PVC Ridge Flashing kit RF-CI-150 for corrugated iron roofs and a PVC Ridge flashing Extension Kit RE-CI-150 if the penetration is located more than 600mm down the roof from the ridge.

The BigTop RoofKit comes with 110mm dia slotted pvc pipe, pvc cap, pvc over-flashing, rubber boot penetration, 1 x tube sealant, 12 x hex head screws and instruction sheet, all conveniently packaged in a sturdy cardboard box.

All pvc components are uv stabilised.